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Who I Am and What I Do

Jul 18th, 2009 by Administrator | 0

Holly McClenahan, RN, Energy Healer,  CTTH, Bioresonance Practitioner, Human Software Engineer, Trauma Resolution Specialist, Shamanic Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, Golden Eagle Minister

One of the best ways I know of sharing with you who I am and what I do is to share some of my educational experiences.

I use energy techniques based in quantum physics, Native American traditions, ancient healing information and cutting edge technology. My goal is to assist you to vibrant health, joyful expression, and a peaceful mind.

I began as a R.N.  and then C.C.R.N. in neuro-surgery and neuro-trauma critical care. I have worked at some of the best teaching hospitals in this country. Loma Linda University Medical Center in CA was the biggest influence on my career and I will be forever grateful for my time there. I left nursing in 1995 to pursue my career in Energy Medicine.

In 1992 I had a debilitating illness, CPTSD (Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It was so severe I had seizures when confronted with painful memories or triggered by interactions with insensitive people. I was told by doctors the chances of ever being able to work again or be normal was less than 5%. I did not accept that prognosis.  I began looking for a way to heal. I tried every healing modality I could find, while at the same time I was being cared for by a neurologist, a chiropractor, a psychiatrist, and a medical doctor. They were all helpful but there was no cure.  I could not drive and being around people was extremely difficult for me. Leaving the house would stimulate my terror and except for hiking in the mountain reserve behind my condo, seeing my doctors, and trying all types of alternative healing modalities, I stayed to myself.

My mother brought me information one day about Holographic Repatterning, now called Resonance Repatterning. After one session I no longer had loss of consciousness with my seizures and in 6 months I was seizure free and back to work. Of course, I began studying Holographic Repatterning™ with the developer Chloe Wordsworth. I learned healing modalities that included jin-shin, breathing patterns, aroma therapy, color therapy, brain gyms, movement therapy and many other energy techniques. It is the basis for my ability to muscle check, or resonance check, the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional levels.

I continued to expand my knowledge and ability to facilitate self-healing by studying in Europe at the Institut fur Regulative Medizin in Munich, Germany.  I attended classes, international symposiums, and studied at clinics and health care practices, getting first hand experience to implement some of the newest and most effective healing energy technology. After that, I managed, and was a practitioner, for New Hope, a complementary medicine clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. We used the technology from Europe to treat major illnesses. I was an instructor in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and England for the use of the Bicom, a machine from Germany that uses the body’s electro-magnetic field to promote healing using bi0resonance technology.

Tom Stone, who developed Inner Human Software™, has been my mentor, friend, and colleague.  Using computer technology and terminology, there is an ”upgrading” or “debugging” of the body’s energy system. Tom and I spent time in Germany learning protocols for his “Squeaky Clean” program. It is based on 35 years of clinical experience with the developers of bioresonance. I am a certified Human Software Engineer (HSE) and Trauma Resolution Specialist. I teach awareness techniques to resolve energy associated with phobias, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress.
I am an associate Golden Eagle minister and practice a blend of Native American traditions and new thought sciences.  My Golden Eagle mentor was Serge Running Wolf Martel, a man with Huna and Mohawk ancestry. Serge was a dear friend and teacher for 12 years before his death in 2008.  I am a Shamanic Touch practitioner also trained by Serge Running Wolf.  Shamanic Touch is a combination of energy techniques that have been blended together from multiple tribal sources, chakra and aura cleansing, balancing and manipulation practices, and a form of Reiki known as Tera Mai developed by Kathleen Milner

In CA, I studied with Blackfoot teacher, Soaring Eagle Vail, and participated in Native American ceremonies with the One Heart community. I trained as a fire tender for sweat lodge ceremonies and learned sacred women mysteries during that time. I see myself as an ambassador for peace related to my experiences with these master teachers.

Once every six months for two years I participated with a group of facilitators leading Sacred Self Retreats in Mexico, envisioned and implemented by Shirley Yi. We dedicated ourselves to living and expressing our greatest potential and being the love and peace we wished to see in the world.

Dr. Sharon Forrest of San Diego is my mentor of Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment (CCMBA). CCMBA releases stored traumas and emotions The end results from sessions varies from structural re-alignment to emotional release to spiritual awakening and a totally new outlook on life. Her contribution to the orphans in Peru is immeasurable.

I trained with Dr. Eric Pearl and am a Level III Reconnection practitioner. Reconnective Healing sessions are based on the intent for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or any other level healing. The intent of “The Reconnection” is to bring us into the fullness of our inherent connection with the universe.

I am a detoxification expert and use bioresonance, supplements, and LL Magnetic Clays to safely detoxify the body from the bombardment of toxic exposures. LL Magnetic Clays are 100% raw bentonite clays mixed with organic botanicals and herbs for full body baths, footbaths, or packs.

May all your frequencies be optimal.


To put the world in right order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must set our hearts right.                    — Confucius

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