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Overview of the Harmony Health Wellness Program

The idea of a Debugging and Upgrading Plan to get well and stay well is based on the concepts of Regulatory Medicine, a health care concept that originated in Germany. The basic premise is that the body will regulate itself and keep itself healthy under natural conditions.

Unfortunately, natural conditions are not commonly found in this day and age. This is principally due to the accumulation of toxic stresses in our environment and in our bodies. These impair the body’s regulatory processes and organs of elimination. What the body cannot eliminate, it tends to store in the connective tissue. The connective tissue is the medium in which all of the cells are held and through which the cells receive nutrients, oxygen and energy, and dispose of metabolic waste products and toxins.

As the connective tissue becomes burdened, the cells receive less and less of the support they need to remain healthy and the body’s ability to self-regulate becomes impaired. When the body continues to be exposed to toxins which it cannot eliminate, a degenerative cycle sets in which creates the vulnerability that may be at the basis of susceptibility to infections and other health complaints.

What causes the body to be unable to eliminate these toxins? There are many contributing factors, but principally the cause is the cumulative impairment and eventual breakdown in the functioning of the systems and organs of elimination. The approach of Regulatory Medicine is to restore the ability of the systems and organs of elimination to effectively rid the body of all kinds of toxic stresses and then to push these toxins out of the connective tissue and out of the body. The idea is that once the systems and organs of elimination are stable and working efficiently and the regulatory processes centered in the Connective Tissue are stable and working optimally, the body will be able to self-regulate and maintain good health. This approach involves several steps.

Energy –
The body needs energy in order to perform its basic functions, eliminate toxins and pathogens, and heal itself.

Operating System Bugs (Blocks to Therapy)
– There are certain kinds of toxic stresses that can directly impair the functioning of the regulatory processes of the body. If any of these are present, they must be Debugged first so that the protocols that follow can be effective. This can include residues of certain drugs like some tranquilizers, cortisone, and hormones such as estrogen. It also includes electromagnetic interference fields from scars, both internal and external, electromagnetic field stresses such as EMF, radiation and geopathic stresses, some metals, in particular mercury, certain foods and some conflicts in consciousness or psychological/emotional factors.

Opening the systems and organs of elimination
is the next step. This involves Debugging and Upgrading the intestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder, lungs, skin, and the lymphatic and circulatory systems. During this phase it is important to balance the body’s pH to proper alkaline levels, and eliminate putrefaction or fermentation in the gut, food intolerance, molds, fungi and parasites that may be present in these organs and systems. Once the organs of elimination are open and working efficiently, we can move on to the next step.

Purging the connective tissue of accumulated toxins
– This is accomplished by using frequency infused ampoules as the source for the information to Debug the toxins from the body. Because these ampoules contain the toxic stresses that we wish to purge from the connective tissue, they are an excellent and very specifically individualized information source for canceling out or weakening the electromagnetic charge of the particular toxins contained in an individual’s body.

There may be a series of such Debuggings needed. These Debuggings dislodge the toxins which are then transported by the blood and lymphatic system and then are eliminated through the urine, feces, or other organs of elimination.. This type of Debugging is very effective and, assuming that the organs of elimination have been properly prepared, usually drives about half of the toxins out of the body. Once this generic cleansing of the connective tissue has been accomplished, we move on to stimulate removal of the remaining toxins.

Specialized Debugging protocols to remove remaining persistent toxins
– We then retest and find what persistent toxins and pathogens are still present in the body. This can include bacteria, environmental toxins, viruses, parasites and Focal infections (teeth, jaw and sinus). There are very effective special protocols that have been designed specifically for eliminating some of the more virulent stresses such as viruses and parasites.

Eliminating the oldest and deepest stresses
is the next step. This includes Debugging the residual effects of incompletely resolved childhood diseases, the residual influence of vaccinations, and hereditary toxins in the form of inherited vulnerabilities or misaims.

It is important to understand that the names of different pathogens and toxins that are used in this plan refer to the energy or frequency signature of these things only and not to any pathological organisms, processes or diseases. We do not use any biochemical testing such as blood tests. All of the items identified and included in this Debugging and Upgrading plan are found using bio-energetic testing. These energy patterns can be identified with bio-energetic testing long before they become visible to the eye, seen with a microscope or show up in any form of biochemical testing.

Even though there may be many items listed as a result of the bio-energetic testing, please do not be alarmed. The presence of many toxic stresses is very common in our modern society and just because the energy or frequency signature of something shows up in a bio-energetic test it does not mean that the person has some specific disease or condition. It only means that at the time of testing a particular energy or frequency was resonant in the person’s body. The bio-energetic testing is not intended as a diagnosis of any disease or condition. If you have a specific health concern, we encourage you to be under the care of a physician and have whatever biochemical tests done that they may recommend.

As an integral part of this plan, it is essential to identify any conflicts in consciousness that are contributing to the impairment in the functioning of the organs of elimination. These are truly the deepest and most insidious stresses of all. It has been found that simply resolving these alone can often produce dramatic results. Although we typically spend more time on these during the early steps of the program, we will continue to address these on an as needed basis as we progress through the steps of the program.

All conflicts in consciousness that are impacting a person’s health must be identified and resolved if a person is to get well and stay well. How quickly and efficiently we are able to complete the Harmony Health Program is often directly related to how thoroughly conflicts in consciousness are addressed at the beginning of and throughout the program.

Plan of Treatment:
At all levels of treatment psycho-spiritual-emotional issues are dealt with.

1. Remove any blocks to therapy
2. Strengthen organs of elimination
3. Strengthen weakest element and/or meridian
4. Remove toxins
5. Remove deep stresses inherited or acquired in childhood

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