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March 22, 2017

The weather is lovely and warm here in Henderson, NV. Flowers are blooming and buds are coming out on the trees. It’s that time of year to clean out our bodies and minds of an accumulated toxins. Get some whole body Spring cleaning going on! ¬†I am available for in-person or skype sessions and would love to asssit you in making the best decisions for yourself.

Heading back up to the NW in a couple of weeks to teach a class “Developing Your Intuition with Muscle Checking”. It is for beginners and those who want to improve their skill. Muscle responses can be used to amplify what you already know. Take the energy information that is subtle and hardly noticeable to most people and amplify the energy so you have no doubt what is right for you. It will be a fun class. Hope you will join me on April 7th at ShantiJoy Integrative in Everett WA. 4:30pm – 7:30pm

March is Blowing In

This visit to the NW I will be explaining how I work with allergies. Allergies are on the rise and one of the main reasons is due to the toxic load in the body. The more toxins accumulate in the body the higher the probability of developing allergies. The first thing is to get your organs of elimination working well. Time to spring clean the organs. One of the best ways to decrease the toxins in the body is to do clay baths. The skin is the largest organ of elimination. The clay has a negative charge and toxins frequently have a positive charge so the clay acts like a magnet and pulls the toxins out. Come to the Allergy Demonstration on March 3 at ShantiJoy Integrative in Everett, WA and learn about all types of ways to decrease your toxic load.

Happy 2017

January 11-Today is a “1″ and 2017 is a “1″ ¬†according to numerology and a great day to restart my blog that will reflect my current life and experiences.” One” represents new beginnings and I feel that is where I am. January is proving to be an amazing month of some moving and shaking going on. 2016 was definetely a “9″ year with all its endings and completions.

I am starting visits to the NW (Everett/Redmonds) once a month to give classes/training and see clients. Take a look at my Classes Page.

In addition to continuing my private practice and teaching classes I am involved with a new company called Flor de Vida. We have developed alchemical formulas to activate, support and balance humanity. We use the finest ingredients with our proprietary essential oil blends. Keep your eyes out for launch date and website which I will link to here.

Visualizing the best year EVER!