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The Seven Principles of Huna Philosophy
(plus an experiential exercise)


Huna is a philosophy of life that is the root of all ancient cultures and spiritual paths. Free of dogma, it is simply the secret science behind miracles, or hidden knowledge, deep within our souls, of who we are and how our lives can really work. Within the Huna philosophy, there are seven spiritual principles of life which explains how the world works. These principles, which are universal and all-encompassing, go beyond our perception of reality, with a meaning much deeper than meets the eye.

The vowels are pronounced as in the Spanish language (a as in father, e as in prey, i as in pita, o as in mote, u as in duty).

IKE – The World Is What You Think It Is
KALA – There Are No Limits
MAKIA – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
MANAWA – Now Is The Moment Of Power
ALOHA – To Love And Be Happy With
MANA – All Power Comes From Within
PONO – Effectiveness Is The Measure of Truth

The center word, manawa, is the place to begin with this exercise. Be fully present in the “now”, to the best of your ability, all the other principles will flow from this point. Be here now. To have your full power available you must remain present to each moment. It is at this place of “now” that decisions are made, solutions appear, the next step is shown. Notice where you are now. What do you feel, see, hear, smell, taste? How are you breathing? What is your posture? What thoughts are present? Take a few deep breaths. Align your spine. Notice everything around you. Notice the colors. Now, what is one thing you can do to make this moment more pleasurable? Right now, what can you do to give yourself even a smidgen more pleasure. Maybe it is to straighten a picture on the wall, or put on your favorite kind of music, or adjust the room temperature, or think of someone you love, or any of millions of things you can choose from. Just do one thing to make “NOW” more tangible. Do it so you can bring your “now” into a more pleasant “now”.

Aloha is the experience of the “now” as a pleasant place. As you begin to experience love and happiness in your “now”, your energy will build. Notice all that is good in your “now”, which creates more feelings of love and happiness. Feel full of love and happiness and experience your thoughts as energy flowing to what your attention is on. Now you are experiencing makia.

As the energy of Mana, you are full of energy, power, ask yourself, “What is important to me? The answer to this question is what guides you into kala. See yourself being, doing, having, or experiencing whatever it is that you most desire. Really, take 30 seconds to a minute to experience the feelings that come up when you get what is most important to you. See everything about it. Imagine sounds, smells, taste, touch, and feelings. Can you feel it? Does it seem real to you, as if it is already true? When you can master this, then, you can see there are no limits.

Let go of this exercise and go back to experiencing your day. Live each moment from Ike. The “now” that is new, bright, happy, and enlivened. You will be experiencing what you believe the world to be now and what you will begin to see in the next “now” is more of what you have focused on in this exercise. In no time you will begin to experience Pono. You will begin to see positive results and a more vibrant alive self.