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Holly McClenahan, RN, Energy Healer

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A master of assessment, finding energetic disturbances, their sources and the interventions required for resolution.There is a deep connection between your energy and your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state of being.  Holly has more than 40 years’ experience in the healing arts, 18 years as a neuro-surgical/trauma ICU nurse, 25 years in Energy Medicine, and from 1996-2003 as a national and international instructor for BICOM and Bioresonance Technology.

BioResonance Technology: Prime directive is to support the body’s own healing ability

Using a Bicom device, problems/challenges are approached as patterns of energy and information, using computer terminology, as “viruses” or “bugs” in our inner human software. These “viruses” and “bugs” may be causing mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual illnesses. They are created from the many exposures we had to inherited toxic information, physical toxins (physical injuries, scars, natural environmental pollutants, man-made pollutants, biological organisms and by-products), external energy field disturbances (geopathic stress, electromagnetic, radiation), mental-emotional toxins (disease forming belief systems, emotional traumas, learned negative habits), or spiritual toxins. I use the Bicom device to optimize harmonious or physiologic energy information and resolve or weaken disharmonious or pathological energy information. This allows the body to self-heal.  I studied at the Institute for Regulatory Medicine in Munich, Germany.

Trauma Resolution Specialist:

The ACE Study, by Kaiser Permanente, recognizes that adverse childhood experiences (ACE) can create health issues as we go through life. Trauma Resolution involves a re-training of how we were conditioned to handle stress as a child. New awareness techniques for resolution of emotional traumas, anxiety, panic, and life depleting belief systems can be learned and put into practice for everyday life. I train patients how to use simple awareness techniques to resolve emotions and/or trauma. I have worked with every day stress, depression, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, multiple personalities, bi-polar personalities, and emotional instabilities that come from having trauma or an acute or chronic illness.

Shamanic Touch

Ancestral wisdom realized and practiced down through the ages is used to balance, synchronize, and energize the energy body. Tera Mai Reiki is one of the healing technique of Shamanic Touch based on the principle that the Healer can channel energy into the patient by means of touch to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. There are many tribal healing techniques when Shamanic Touch is used along with a deep connection to intuition.